Art Courses and Tours at Maison Lambot Provence

Discover the light and colour in a vibrant countryside rich with history and inspiration

The LocationThe Course
Space and Time

Space and Time

to Experiment in a Relaxing Environment where you can absorb the sun and the colours.

Maison Lambot, your studio in Provence

Fragrant hills, Charming villages and Subjects that must be Captured.

Art from the AreaThe History of our Location
Maison Lambot, your studio in Provence

Blue Skies and Great Views

Maison Lambot is peaceful and Montfort Sur Argens is happy and pretty, the ultimate in relaxation and fun

Blue Skies and Great Views

Portfolio of Painting & Research Locations

From deep Gorges to tranquil interiors

What Our Customers Say

  • I managed to draw a huge charcoal scene which I would never have believed before. I photographed it and added some different colours and textures, so now have many different versions, not just one piece.

    The house was so comfortable and the pool was a real treat.

    Felicity Douglas, London
  • This was the highlight of my european tour, we had so much fun and I was very pleased with the portfolio of work I went home with.

    Bianca Holland, USA
  • Don’t hesitate to find the time to come to Maison Lambot to work. Lots of space and amazing scenery close by.

    Phil Greaves, Brighton UK

Now taking bookings for Summer & Autumn 2017

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